Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Father

My dad, my father, always just existed in my thoughts. There is no moment of awareness of what he was and is to me. I feel the blessings wash over me so many days, but nothing as great as he is. There are times in my life that I felt my world was shattered with no chance of repair, yet my father’s arms encompassed me. He held me until I was better. He gave me words that seemed to repair irreparable damage. I remember when I found out my brother had died. It just about killed me. When I found he had given his life for me when he was so innocent. I couldn’t breathe. My father was there though. Oh, he didn’t let me get away with things. I had to learn my lessons the hard way at times, but he always let me know he loved me…even with my numerous failures. There are times where I even ignored him, though it must have cut him, he still loved me….loves me.

Thank you for being my Father, and sometimes when I needed it, my dad. Thank you for listening to my endless pitter patter on this and that. Thank you for willingly giving one of your children for another. I love you…Happy Father’s Day my most precious Heavenly Father…you are my God, my life, my all.

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In the joy of following our Heavenly Father, we sometimes choose to proceed with a whisper, a verse, or a downright matter how we follow Him, the momentum that follows is like nothing we've ever experienced before.

Join the is a beautiful place to be. It's not always easy, but then the best things never are.

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