Monday, July 29, 2019

Conquering Mount Everest (The Creator of the Impossible)

This 29.029 ft mammoth of a mountain has planted itself squarely in my thoughts recently.  

About a month ago a became fascinated with stories of men and women attempting to climb an obstacle greater (and deadlier) than most  can even fathom.  I read about the Death Zone bodies (over 200 corpses) that litter the slopes.   It has been said that individuals have to step over the frozen dead to summit Mount Everest. 

I think the British Mountaineer George Mallory put it best (as stated in the article) when talking about why ANYONE would attempt the climb. 

It is "man's desire to conquer the Universe."

I think reasons can differ.  Some may even wish to see God's Power and Majesty by making the climb.  I lean toward the reason above though.

"Man's desire to conquer the Universe"

or maybe even "Man's desire to conquer God".

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.  No man has ever truly conquered Everest.  Yes, they have reached the summit, but they to are still subject to extreme weather, altitude, and a multitude of accident possibilities.

All the man made machinery in the world....
All the scientific knowledge...
All the muscles and right equipment....

And this MASSIVE creation of our FATHER GOD cannot be conquered by man.

We cannot control the elements.  
We have made no machine to successfully maneuver through the weather when it turns deadly.

Even attempting to recover a body has a risk of death.

I sit in awe of God.  His Creation so big, daunting, that bodies litter the landscape that they tried to conquer.

I know this sounds morbid, but it's a reminder to me just how BIG our GOD is.  We throw the impossible before Him, our faith so small.  


How can we pray with anything except complete faith, knowing we want His Will above ours?   How can we doubt when He creates mountains so BIG that they cannot be conquered, and this is just ONE mountain?

Remember just how BIG our GOD is. Dwelling on that reminds me NOTHING is impossible with God.  

Luke 1:37

Nothing is unfathomable
Nothing is incomprehensible
Nothing is beyond Him

Luke 1:37

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Blame Game - Morning Revelations

When the alarm screamed at me this morning I actually slept through it, or part of it.    Thomas had been on a short business trip until last night and I had lived through a couple days of feeling a tad snarky, with a bit of a sad feeling thrown into the soup.  (My poor family...)

I was too tired to even stand in a ten minute shower this morning.  (Please tell me that others feel that way occasionally too?)  As I slid into the bath, I couldn't get away from an overwhelming sad feeling.  

There are times in my life where knowledge feels like a puzzle piece finally clicking into place.  

I have no clue why this puzzle piece was dropped this morning and I heard the snap as it locked in.  

The thing is, I play the blame game.  

There are really two versions of it.  

In the first version, the "player" tends to lay the blame for life's inconveniences or trials at other's feet.  They take no fault for most situations, even if they had a major part in it.

In the second version, the "player" tends to take the blame for most of life's inconveniences or trials.  They tend to blame themselves for most situations, even if they had no major part in it.

I have played the second version often during my life.  (I think we all occasionally play both.)

This morning I realized that everyone I thought had it all together, close to perfect, while growing up...wasn't.  It took me forty-seven years to acknowledge this.   

That time at camp that (out of everyone in your cabin) you were dismissed? Not your fault.  Those almost perfect people were actually pretty...well...not perfect.   You weren't "not good enough".  

That guy that was just too old for you that you were seeing (that you kick yourself for a lie you told as a teen regarding him)? Ya, that whole situation was not all your fault either (though the lie ABSOLUTELY was).   He was an adult and you were a child.  He wasn't this perfect flawless person that somewhere in your memory you had him.

The list goes on and travels through adulthood.  

The Blame Game

So why was I sad this morning?  
I was sad because pedestals (that I didn't know existed) fell this morning.  

"Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous,
    no one who does what is right and never sins." Ecclesiastes 7:20

I was sad because I HAD come to terms with taking the blame and the pain that goes with that.  Though I HAD come to terms with taking the blame, I now had to let it go.  Not only that , but I had to acknowledge the situation had flipped. I had to feel the hurt of others (not perfect and not in anger) hurting me and allowing them (in memory) to shoulder some of that blame (occasionally all of it).

Does that even make sense?

I've heard said that it's easier to blame others than ourselves.  I find exactly the opposite though.  It's easier to take the blame than take the hurt that is sometimes dealt out by fellow imperfect people.

There are MANY things I can take the blame for, sometimes it feels overwhelming.   There are things I can't take onto my shoulders as well.

Taking into my heart the verses from Romans was pretty rough today.  It wasn't in the typical way either.  I had always realized I was FAR from perfect.  I just had to realize there were others I had put too close to the "perfection" goal.

There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.  
Romans 3:23-24 (emphasis added)

At least there's hope though....GRACE.

We've always told the kids to not put people up on pedestals, because they are human and WILL fall.  Apparently I had a few pedestals of my own that needed knocking down.

How about you?  Are their places in your past where you looked at yourself and said, "I just wasn't enough."  Are there pedestals  (that YOU have) of fellow imperfect people that you need to knock down and stop blaming yourself for?


There are still many joys that I've only begun to share.  In the last blog I shared about the wonderful family camp that we had aid in going to.  Today, since in a little more serious mode, I will just share more of those pictures.  It was a MAJOR blessing to our family and changed the way I viewed some things, including some of the guilt I was piling on myself.  


May your day be blessed and pedestals fall!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Lilah with Tears

So I lost it today. I was sitting on the couch, working on the computer with tears streaming. I'm not going to paint our world always with rose colored glasses. There is hard, but this really isn't a "hard" time. There's some road blocks, but not insurmountable. My battery was just empty, but I don't have time for it to be. Then this little tiny five and a half month old puppy climbed on my lap. She wouldn't listen to "off" or "no", she refused to do anything but push my computer aside and hug me, pushing her face to my chest so I could soak her fur with tears. She then settled down and wouldn't leave. If I didn't think this puppy would be a good therapy dog before, I do now.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Plans and God's Swirling Breath

Hi Strangers!  Yes, it's me.  I know, the silence has been deafening.  

It hasn't been silent in our house, I promise. 😂  God has just been transitioning us and moving us into HIS plans.  That's always the best place to be.  

Honestly, I haven't felt like writing over the last months.  We've been busy, but more than that I feel like I was living reacting to everything instead of be proactive.  THAT was a bit tiring.  I think I've got my act together though (chuckle).  It took long enough.

Last month was a big one for our family.  We were introduced to a Christian family camp called Joni and Friends that grew us, ministered to us, and has awoken me to the truth that we ALL need to be sharing our stories.  We all have them.  

Okay, don't laugh, but I honestly forgot the astounding nature of what God has done with our family.  I forgot we have a story to tell, until we were asked to share it.  We live life being  "just a family" so that the amazing way we got here and the coolness of our daily life fades to the background of my brain.

I was convicted though.  I was convicted that hiding away, being homebodies (which we tend to be) does not give us the platform to shout from the rooftops what God has done.  So we are moving toward change within about the next six months .   It feels as if God is opening the doors, all the windows, and  His refreshing breath is swirling through the house.  This blog will be changing, moving, and expanding.... as long as we have God's continued guidance and blessing.  Even the name will be changing.  God is doing beautiful things.  I look forward to seeing just where He Leads! 


Joni and Friends Family Retreat 2019 (Just a Taste)

As we arrived, we drove through a crowd of STMs  (Short Term Missionaries that are paired with our children that are differently abled) and Staff as 
they cheered.

Our kids and their amazing STMs

Timothy (7) fishing

Jael (11) caught a fish!

Bryan (Ben's STM) and Benjamin (almost 16)

Jael (11) and Gabe (almost 10) fishing

Rachel Fishing

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Surgery is Over!!!

Timothy is out of surgery! The doctor said it went perfectly and all pins and plates are out.  They also did tenotomies on both Achilles (snipped both) instead of just one. 

He actually did so well that they are releasing him today instead of tomorrow.  The big thing will be staying on top of the pain. 

I've talked to Timothy and though he says it hurts, it's not "super bad".  He still can smile, and that's huge. 

We appreciate prayer for quick and complete healing....and totally independent walking.  (We ask for prayers for Hope and Grace to independently walk as well.)

Thank you!

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