Monday, January 13, 2020

Your Trial

This verse has always meant a lot to me.  It was my verse of the day today.  I always picture my Savior saying this in front of a classroom.  There I am in the back of the class waiving my hand wildly and saying, "That's me! ME!"  
Today I was dwelling on the first part of this verse. 
"My Grace is sufficient for you."  That's a hard one sometimes.  We fall back into sin or bad habits.  We fail again and again and again....or at least I do.  I don't know about you guys.  My mind goes where it shouldn't.  I act remarkably bear like (picture growling).  I flat out sin.  I arrogantly feel like I've done too much for grace to cover.  That's a lie.  We only have to let so many names in the Bible cycle through our brains to know that.  The hard part is believing that, or really getting your heart to believe that.
One phrase has come back to me over and over and over again these last weeks.
Your trial will become your testimony.
Think about that.
It's truth.  It will be what grabs hearts and makes people listen when you begin to tell them about Jesus.  It will be what helps them to realize you are not all unicorns and rainbows.  It will help them to know YOU are real...gritty...and scarred too.
So....I hold onto those two things today in my failure.  
"My grace is sufficient for you"
Your trial will become your testimony.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Unexpected-Our Surgery Adventure

Timothy and I have had a bit of the unexpected this week.  

On Wednesday we flew to Philadelphia for a minor surgery.  We honestly thought they would cancel it.  He had a 100.9 temp last Sunday, but only a dry cough with it and never higher.

During this time I've still been trying to recover from a BEAST of a virus/infection.  (I'm still not quite right.)

We arrived Wednesday night and were at the hospital by 6:00am Thursday morning.  I'm not quite sure I was coherent at that point.  

They took Timothy back for his Tenotomy and put him under anesthesia before even taking off his casts.  (It's necessary for our anxiety filled son.  If I'm there, he's anxious, but It's doable for him.)  I hurried to grab a bite of breakfast to hopefully wake me up.  

I got a call about 15 minutes after entering the family waiting area. 

They didn't do surgery.  

I was told to wait there until the doctor came to explain.  

Once taking off Timothy's casts, they found (TOTALLY UNEXPECTED BY EVERYONE) that they had enough stretch and didn't feel he needed surgery this time.  


They instead did what they planned on doing next trip (Jan. 16th) and cancelled the next trip.

Timothy is now in short casts (to the knee) to get ready for his new AFOs which he and his dad will pick up in four weeks.

Side note: The doctor told me that Timothy asked the anethesioligist to get our him to stay with him while he went to sleep.  This is HUGE.  We are so proud of him.  He told a room of grown ups what he needed.  He felt nervous and did it anyway.  For a child from hard places, this is MASSIVE communicating your needs.  They learned in the orphanage that no one comes when you cry.  Happy Dance!!!!!!  It also tells us he trusts his main doctor! ❤

Since this was a short trip, we were leaving Friday.  The line at the airport was long and it was unusual chaos.  We found our flight had been cancelled due to storms at the other end.  Around 150 flights were cancelled to our home airport.

We called the wonderful couple that dropped us off and returned to our home away from home in New Jersey.

We are now at the airport again.  We made it through security and are waiting on our flight home. 

I love everyone here, but miss home.  

Here we come!
We appreciate all prayer for health for our family, my mom, and our oldest daughter and her family.  We have been hit hard by strep, flu, and resulting sinus infections and bronchitis.  My mom just started the coughing too and that concerns us.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Quarantine Kinda

We're sick.  

Diagnosed Strep and suspected Flu (non definative test/suspected false negative)

I've been in bed for 3 1/2 days straight and sick for over ten days.  Thomas is sick....and seven kids are either sick or showing signs of it.   We need quarantine tape.
And of course insurance reset, so copays are bleck.

Today we just found out Timothy is sick.  His surgery was supposed to be Thursday.  Most likely this means being in casts longer.

So we are taking a breath, with coughing. πŸ˜‚
God will see us through.
A friend has already brought dinner twice (so nice) and we have been on antibiotics, probiotic, vitamin C, and elderberry.

Prayers for health appreciated!!!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!

That moment you realize you accidently bought relighting candles for Jesus' birthday cake. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well, Jesus' light IS eternal! πŸ˜‚

We have several kids sick right now (some in the picture).  This isn't everyone, but it is our Merry Christmas picture!

Kings College, a wonderful Church, and friends....made the present side of Christmas happen this year.

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!


Monday, December 23, 2019

Almost Christmas Eve Prayer

As we creep into Christmas Eve tomorrow (it's 4:30am here), we are battling viruses and such.  Most are getting well and coming out the other side.  I have a dental or sinus problem (trying to figure out) and another (probably minor) issue popping up.

The triplets wrapping their present from "Five and Below"  to the sibling (or niece) they drew the name of (or were assigned).  They had such joy in giving that I had to take this picture.

We appreciate all prayers for complete healing/health.  Half of the family (including Thomas and I) are not feeling great.  I thought asking for prayers is the way to go.

For cuteness sake, this is our 9 month old puppy.  She is a pill bug...eating pens, turning herself blue or purple, and chewing up a water fountain we have from a toy Christmas village.  She also is the only dog that gives hugs and lay on you when you are sad and refuse to move.  We love her so much.  She's the dog that will be trained as a therapy dog.

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