Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Surgery is Over!!!

Timothy is out of surgery! The doctor said it went perfectly and all pins and plates are out.  They also did tenotomies on both Achilles (snipped both) instead of just one. 

He actually did so well that they are releasing him today instead of tomorrow.  The big thing will be staying on top of the pain. 

I've talked to Timothy and though he says it hurts, it's not "super bad".  He still can smile, and that's huge. 

We appreciate prayer for quick and complete healing....and totally independent walking.  (We ask for prayers for Hope and Grace to independently walk as well.)

Thank you!

Surgery Has Started

They arrived down at the hospital in the wee hours and Thomas just let me know that surgery has started.  They have hopes this will not be a long one and he will only be in there around an hour and a half.  Please continue to pray!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tomorrow's Surgery (Timothy)

I'm not sure where to begin, but life with ten children at home is a busy one (smile). 

Though there is a lot to say, Timothy has a surgery tomorrow, so I came (more than anything) here to ask for prayers.  It's a pretty extensive surgery, though NOT anywhere as big as before.  He's having all the plates and pins removed from his body (there are many) and also is having what is called a tenotomy on his left Achilles.  He will be in casts for at least another month from the thighs down.

Thomas is currently with him across the U.S. at the specialist.  Next month I will go with him.  I admit it's not easy not being here.  I chose it and planned it (rotating trips with Thomas).  I now sit here wishing it was me over there.  Thomas is doing wonderful though and is a great Daddy.

Timothy is good.  He was cast yesterday and is hurting some, but it's not too bad.

They head out at around 5:15 tomorrow morning to head to the hospital.  For now, the wonderful family we always stay with (forever friends) help keep Timothy distracted and love on/care for both Timothy and my husband.

We appreciate prayer for blessing on the doctor's and nurse's hands, a perfect surgery, quick healing, and for Timothy's pain to be controlled.

I sent up our laptop with Thomas to Pennsylvania, so I'm borrowing Anna's computer, thus keeping this short.

Thank you all who are still sticking around, even though I'm a bit flaky.

Have a blessed night friends!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

One Year Today (The Video)

Thomas walked in the door tonight and a little girl named Hope started clapping.

She said, "Daddy!!!!  Hi Daddy!!!"

She has never put two words together before.  My mama heart may have just about burst.

She took longer than most realizing the beautiful joy of having a Daddy that loves you.

Today, one year after she met her very own Father, she spoke her first two words ever.

Hope~Glory/3 years         Grace~Victory/4 years
(Picture collage created by precious friend Chari)

Two precious gifts from God were carried out of a plane one year ago today, by Amy and I.

This seemed an appropriate time to share the video of their home coming (created by beautiful Megan, Amy's daughter).

If you hear that still small voice saying maybe your house can fit just one more....
If you feel that nudge, outside of yourself, that maybe you can love one more...
If your heart says it needs to get out of comfortable...and into the Heart of God....

your life will be forever changed.

God has so many different paths for all of us,  I know that.  I look at Grace and Hope though and realized just how privileged each and every one of us are to follow God.

If HE is Whispering...please listen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Prayers of Grace and Ultimate Victory (1 Year Home)

When I think back a year, I can almost see (when I close my eyes) God's power growing until I can't see the edges.  He's blinding.

Does that make sense?

Holding Grace~Victory in my arms is like a moment in time marking God's triumph as much a physical memorial stone.

Two years we fought to bring her home.   Through mountains and governments that seemed like immovable objects...

There were times which we thought we lost our daughter...BUT GOD.

Two years of full out war to bring her home...

It's now been a year since that victorious day.

Remember with us...


Monday, July 17th, 2017

I'm not even sure how to write this.  My heart feels like it's exploding.  

Two years...TWO YEARS I have longed for this day.  There won't be as many words in this post.  I just can't.  This is too real and precious.  It makes me think of the verse that said Mary treasured up these things in her heart.

At two o'clock we met our guide in the lobby.  Truthfully, it seemed like just another day and not real.  This day that we had waited for so long took on a dreamlike quality. 

In the van on the way to meet Grace~Victory.

We arrived knowing it would be a few minutes before we met Thomas and I's newest daughter and  we needed to organize and sign some papers first.

Our guide Ying (pronouced "Ing")

Three other families were there, two having met their children already.  We watched and witnessed one daddy and his two teen sons meet their new little girl.  There's nothing like it.

Within minutes we were told to get ready.  (Prepare for an ugly cry.)

It was time.  

(I can't describe this moment and will let the pictures speak for themselves.)


Hope and Grace weren't interested in each other at first. (I finally stopped crying for a bit at this point.)

 That quickly changed.

Wait, there were more tears in there.

We finally headed back to the hotel.  My heart was raw and I'm sure it could be seen on the outside of my body.

Our girls!!! I HAD OUR GIRLS!!!!

She wasn't sad, but very very tired.  We received
custody during her nap time (and Hope's).

Hope,is the precious little sister.
She is
such a character and a gift.

She couldn't stop looking at the picture of her Daddy.


Hope fell sound asleep on the floor next to me at around 6:00 pm (after no real nap). 

Grace fell asleep about a half an hour later.

Finally our two cribs are filled...with gifts from our Heavenly Father.

During these last two years some really rough stuff happened.  Yet God reiterated again and again that we were not look to the right or left, but follow Him.  Sometimes following Him doesn't have instant results.  It's not always easy.  Let me tell you this though, it is blessed. 


This victory is not ours.  THIS VICTORY IS GOD'S.

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